invited speakers

Fourth mini-symposium Stem Cell Day
Kyiv, November, 8, 2017

The Fourth Stem Cell Day will be held on November, 8, 2017, at the Education Centre in the biggest Ukrainian Innovation Park
In addition to the talks represented by young scientists the meeting program includes three invited lectures.

The first invited speaker at our Fourth Stem Cell Day will be Prof. Maria Lagarkova, Head of Laboratory of Cell Biology at the Institute of Physico-Chemical Medicine in Moscow, Russia. She will give a lecture entitled "Pluripotent stem cells in models of pathologies and for regenerative medicine".
Among other things Dr. Lagarkova will talk about the following things. Research of pluripotent stem cells (PSC) is one of the most intriguing directions in the contemporary biology. Many scholars believe that these cells possess a huge potential for regenerative medicine, and the revealing of this is only at the very beginning. Unlimited potency of PSC for proliferation and directed differentiation allow to obtain the cells of any type and amount and apply them in clinics. Furthermore, the methods of induced pluripotency give the possibility to procure patient-specofoc cells and for future use in disease pathogenesis and testing of medical products.

The next lecture will be from Dr. Igor Ponomarev from Research Centre of Medical Technology and Biotechnology, Bad Langensalza, Germany. The topic will be "Scaffold-Free Technology for Creation of Tissue Engineered 3D Living Constructs: Concepts, Basic Principles and Perspectives for Using in Regenerative Medicine".
In his lecture, Dr. Igor Ponomarev will introduce the technology of fabricating three-dimensional tissue equivalents and anatomical structures by non-classical scaffold-free tissue engineering approach without the use of natural or synthetic biomaterials. The main principles of this technology as well as differences between scaffold-free and “classical” scaffold-based tissue engineering approaches will be thoroughly discussed during the lecture. Additional attention will be made on the importance of biomechanical stimuli as a key factor of controlling the fate of in vitro cultured cells and the production of specific matrix needed for the formation of a target tissue. The lecture will additionally cover the results from author’s own in vitro experiments and in vivo pre-clinical studies, showing the development, characterization and application of chondrotransplants, constructed using the proposed original technology. Finally, the applicability of the scaffold-free technique for the fabrication of bone equivalents, as well as pilot studies showing the development of ligament, tendon, blood vessel and heart valve like tissues will be presented.

Dr. Maksym Pogorielov from Sumy State University Medical Institute (Sumy, Ukraine) will speak about "Nanostructure fiber matrices in tissue engineering".
The lecture will point out the advantages of using nanostructure fiber scaffolds for reproducing natural environment in extracellular matrix during creation tissue engineered bioequivalent tissues. The main approaches in production of the matrices will be presented, as well as their key features, and potential usage of obtained scaffolds in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Mini-symposium is organised by:
State Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine, NAMS of Ukraine
Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine, NAS of Ukraine
Ukrainian Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Young Researchers Group

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